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Awakken makes solid shampoo bars with plastic-free packaging!
August 12, 2015
This innovative Canadian company is tough to beat when it comes to green packaging. While companies are increasingly responding to customers’ demands for clean, non-toxic products, packaging rarely evolves with these ...
Living Simply
So others can Simply Live
Every person assigns a different value and meaning to a simple life. In my view, it means eliminating all but the essential. By getting rid of the clutter you are left with only that which gives you value. By choosing ...
Today I have become a sewing machine technician.
My new used kenmore sewing machine stitch selector was stuck. : /
I purchased a used Kenmore sewing machine at an Estate Sale yesterday. Estates sales are great, and I strongly recommend Veronica's >>
The Plastic Challenge
Can you reduce your dependence on chemicals and plastic?
I look around my home, and I see plastic everywhere (shampoo bottles, laundry detergent, sippy cups, tupperware, moisturizers, ...) My quest to eliminate plastic started with a quest to eliminate chemicals. Since most ...
Is your dish soap safe enough to eat?
When we talk about health, most of our thoughts turn to food. But what about the soap residue on your dishes? While chemicals are added so that dish soap 'falls off dishes' quickly, nothing rinses off dishes completely. ...
Shampoo Bars
New to Natural Shampoo Bars? Here are a few things to know:
Natural and commercial shampoos are quite different. Natural shampoo and soap bars do not contain the preservatives, chemicals or the sulfates that cleanse by stripping everything – not just the daily dirt buildup but a ...

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