The audio courses in the areas of motivation, habit mastery, and personal development, are designed to get you started towards your achieving your goals, learning at your own pace, in your own time, with the option to follow up in small groups, or one-on-one skype calls.

The hands-on courses are mostly focused on health and well being, designed to get you started sprouting, preserving, bread making, and making pro-biotics such as kombucha and lacto-fermented vegetables, in a small group setting.

Overcoming Depression
Do you suffer from depression? Have you developed a coping mechanism to deal with it, and bounce back from it quickly? Do you have someone to talk to about it, to help you come out of it? Do you have a support group?

In this audio series find out the triggers that get you into a depressive state, the options you actually do have, an understanding of the stories you repeat in your mind, and why, as well as a clear road map to choose a better quality of emotions.

If you need help, please reach out to me. I have suffered from depression for many years, and can help you overcome your feelings of depression. I offer weekly skype meetings, group meetings, as well as online audio courses to help you.

Habit Mastery
Forming positive habits, or removing old negative habits, does not require forcing yourself to do things you do not want to do. It requires you zeroing in on the WHY you want the good habit, and WHY you want to get rid of the old one. Once you figure out they WHY, the how becomes possible.

In this audio series you will find out exactly how habits are formed, triggers that make you fall into the bad habit trap, and a way to reframe your perspective so that you make better choices in the future.

Please contact me for a copy of my Habit Mastery audio program to guide you through the steps of getting rid of negative habits, and forming new habits.

There is a false perception of motivation, as though it is something that will befall us someday, at the right time and place. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Motivation comes from action. Sometimes the biggest obstacle between your current reality and your true potential is yourself.

In this audio series you will learn to overcome your limiting beliefs and behaviors, maintain
an unwavering commitment to your goals, get out of your own way and create a clear path towards your ideal life!

Please contact me for a copy of my Motivation audio program to guide you through the true means by which motivation happens, and is retained.

Setting Goals
You have probably completed goal setting programs in the past, and feel that it is not something that works for you. Yet, goal setting is an important part of achieving your dreams. How can you know you have reached your goal, or the direction to take, unless you have your goal clearly defined?

In this audio series you will learn to achieve the ambitious goals you set for yourself, maximize your time, energy and productivity, face your fears and call on your strengths, and be an inspiring example to everyone around you.

Please contact me for a copy of my Goal Setting audio program to guide you through the goal setting steps that you can actually use to get you the result that you want.

Ultimate Life Coach
Have you taken a life coaching course but feel stuck in a rut, unable to motivate your clients into action, or unsure the next step to take?

In this audio series is everything you need to know about life coaching yourself, and others, by staying on track with your values, purpose and goals. You will learn about who you truly are, at your core, what drives you, and how you make decisions to get you to where you truly want to be in life. You will build confidence in yourself, and make a paradigm shift in our beliefs, attitude and way of seeing life.

Let my Ultimate Life Coach audio program guide you through the true meaning of life coaching, the only approach that works, and how to make significant progress with your clients. Contact me for a copy of my Ultimate Life Coach audio program.

Lacto-Fermented Vegetables Workshop
Lacto-Fermentation is the age old art of using beneficial bacteria to preserve foods, without the use of preservatives, or high heat which kills beneficial enzymes. In this workshop the student will learn the process of lacto-fermentation, as well as get hands experience to make different varieties of sauerkraut; the easiest lacto-fermented vegetable. Everyone will take home jars of their own creations, as well as the knowledge to continue making this valuable condiment at home. Fermenting is easy, fun, and an easy way to a healthier eating lifestyle.

Lacto-Fermented Beverages Workshop
Learn the basics of making lacto-fermented beverages, including kombucha and traditional ginger ale.

This workshops includes an brief history of fermented beverages, as well as hands on application to continue to make your own probiotic-rich kombucha and other lacto-fermented drink at home.

Each student will take home bottles of their own creation, as well as a kombucha culture to continue making kombucha at home.

Gnocchi Workshop
Gnocchi is a traditional Italian style of pasta, usually made with ricotta or potato. In this technique-driven workshop celebrating this timeless pasta, we’ll show you exactly how to prepare potato based gnocchi from scratch. Students will leave with the skill set to make these pillowy light dumplings perfectly every time at home, as well as a full tray to freeze at home, and enjoy with their family.

Sausage Making Workshop
This course guides the student into every stage of making sausage from a side of pork, including hands on experience to continue to make sausage at home. Students will be guided through different methods of preservation. Each student will take home sausage to enjoy with their family.

Soap Making Workshop
This course guides the student in the properties of different oils in soap, as well as the soap making process. Students will learn to calculate oils, lye, and water ratios, as well as hands on experience to prepare a batch of soap; measuring oils, as well as blending by hand. The student will also learn to cut, cure and package their creations.

Student will take home their soap blend, to use at home, once it has properly cured.

Preserving Pears and Peaches Workshop
The student will be guided through the process of preserving pears and peaches. Hands on experience will allow the student to continue to make these preserves at home. Each student will bring home jars of their preserves to enjoy at home.

To check on workshop availability, or to schedule a workshop, please contact me. A minimum of 6 people are required to conduct any workshop, up to a maximum of 10 people. Get your friends together for a fun learning experience you can continue together at home. Discounts are available for groups. Some workshops can be conducted at your location, but not all, depending on equipment required to conduct the workshop. Some workshops are only available at certain times of the year, for success of the product. Please inquire if you have any questions or concerns. Happy learning!

The workshops are based on my personal experiences. I am not a trained chemist, cleaning specialist, or skincare expert. Information about my products or recipes haven’t been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult a doctor or specialist for specific concerns about any skincare issues, cleaning products, or dietary needs. Please use your discretion, based on your own research, when making homemade products.

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