Asymmetric Returns
Tired of trading your time for money?
I was introduced to the concept of residual income, also known as asymmetric returns, many years ago at a seminar on investing in real estate. I realized at that time that building residual income applied to much more than real estate.

To explain the concept, it is something that you need only do once, but then you create income forever. This is different from a job at a company, where you are trading your time for your paycheck. Money comes in, but you have to do a job to get one paycheck. If you want another paycheck, you have to do more work.

Asymmetric returns means taking a proportionally small risk or time commitment, in return for massive increasing returns. Not to say that the initial time involvement will be small, but small in proportion to the potential gain. It might require a large time commitment to create, or a hefty cost in the beginning, but once created, it can be reused, time and time again, by multiple people all over the world, without too much of your time or cost. The original time, or cost, involved is small in comparison to the long term gain.

Those gains can be financial, material, professional, personal, emotional, or spiritual, and will vary for each individual. But the rule remains the same no matter what, and this is that whatever you invest a small amount of effort into, repeatedly and consistently, will create a much greater positive outcome.

An example of this is a book, app, or an online course. My first residual income project was a database driven website which allows for multiple websites hosted within one space, each with different and unique information. Back in the early 2000s, it was innovative. Now there are many such websites.

At the time when I created it, I was being asked by so many friends and family for help with their website, that it occurred to me that if I built I once, with an administration area for each person to control their information and design, then it would save me a lot of time, and I could help more people.

And this is one key concept. Helping more people, without extending more energy to do so.
I could build 100 different websites, for 100 different people, or build one database driven website with administrative features that 100 different people could use to build their own unique website. But once completed, and it is out there, the number of people that can use it is limitless, and my time involvement diminishes.

It would be simply impossible for me to help so many people with their websites, all on my own effort, on an individual basis. The risk was not big, it required time and effort on my part. Some days I woke up and thought it was too big for me. But I had friends keeping me accountable who were waiting for their website. This also provided me with a team giving me feedback of what features they wanted or needed for their website. This is another important concept to accomplishing any project. Create accountability. Tell people what you are working on, and when it will be completed. Tell them to check in on you to make sure you are on track.
For years, it will live and expand, and continue to help people create their very first e-commerce website to share their products, content and information.

As a result of my original effort, I can now do what I love to do, teach, share my expertise, travel the world, and spend more time with my children. I receive many returns on this investment; financial, personal (more time for myself, and with family), emotional (satisfaction of living a freer life), and personal. It also provides me the freedom to continue to create in my own timing.

My returns are Asymmetric the two years spent building, has provided me with 17 years of living a life that is freer, with considerable traveling, and time spent with friends and family.

I am told often that I am very lucky! Most people look at the reward, but not the work that was involved to get to this stage of life. I know it sounds awesome. But it is not luck. Luck implies I stumbled on a magic leprechaun. But what I have done, anyone can do. You just have to think about your area of expertise, and figure out a way to help as many people as possible, more than you could on your own, trading your time for money. You have to be consistent in your efforts. A little bit every day, consistently, is better than binging once in a while.

The truth is that most people do not think in terms of building residual income. Of figuring out a way to stop trading their time for money. They are comfortable in a full time position, at a company, being stuck in rush hour traffic, and trading their time for money to buy things they do not need. It is what I call the rat race, spin in a wheel which goes nowhere forever for just enough return to make ends meet. I was on the same road, before I realized there is a better way.

Today I urge you to practice working smarter and not working harder! So, ask yourself how can you do less, and receive more? More money, more love, more self-esteem, more confidence, more time, more freedom. Whatever it is that you want.

Are you interested in finding a new path? Spend some time reflecting on these questions:
1. In which areas of my life do I feel that I put in too much time, for too little results?
2. What could I do to create better results with less time/work?
3. Could I spend less time on social media and apply that time to a project instead?
4. What other habits can I remove to create more time towards a project?

Sometimes, it's helpful to ask a good friend, family, or a life coach, anyone interested in your growth, who thinks outside the box, to help you come up with ideas uniquely yours.

Its time to get out of the rat race, jump off that hamster wheel, and get Asymmetric!

If you want to learn to live a life that is truly free, please get in touch with me! It would be my pleasure to help you along your personal journey.

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