Luck = Hard Work
Have you ever been told you are lucky? Was it really luck? In my case I came up with the saying, or perhaps I heard it somewhere else, "the harder I work, the luckier I get, and you can do it too!" The truth is that things of real value in life are things we have to work hard to obtain.

Anything that comes easily is rarely worthwhile and is often a distraction from achieving something better. "Good enough" is the enemy of excellence. There is no such thing as luck. What people call luck is usually the result of other people's hard work. Success is not rocket science. There is a certain set of rules that if you live by them, you will be successful. You can copy the actions that someone took to achieve what you would like to achieve. Success can be replicated. Instead of wishing you were so lucky, ask the person what they did to get what they have. There are definite steps that they took, and if you follow those same steps you will have the same results.

Sometimes you, or others around you, might think you are working too hard. Sometimes you are just inches from the end, but you are digging in the wrong direction. A small shift can change your whole outcome. Often we give up just before reaching our target as illustrated in the classic book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill is the story of R.U. Darby digging for gold. He raised all the money he needed for machinery and equipment, and started digging. Before long, they were able to pay back the money raised. Then the vein of ore he had found disappeared. He kept on digging but was not able to find any more gold. After a while he decided to quit digging and sold his machinery to a junk man for a few hundred dollars.

But the junk man was not interested in junking the machinery, he hired a mining engineer to check the mine and calculate where the next vein of gold might be found. By his calculations, it was only three feet from where Darby had stopped digging. The junk man made millions from the gold in that mine.

All was not lost for Darby, however, because he became a very successful insurance salesman based on his determination to learn from his mistake and never again give up just three feet from the gold. He learned that success is achieved by persevering through difficulties and staying focused on the goal. If you ever get that overwhelming feeling of giving up, remember that you may just be only three feet from gold.

Sometimes we just don't want to look at our disappointments. Disappointments can pull you or drive you. Successful people have failed more often than other people because they have tried more often than other people. Failure is part of the game of life, and it is something successful people have learned to overcome and master. Failure is knowledge.

Sometimes we protect ourselves by denying ourselves the truth. We tell ourselves a story, which although it is a true story from our past, a reason why we are the way we are, or why others are they way they are, or why we cannot succeed in an area. Most of us tell ourselves we are not good enough in some areas of our lives. In the past there are areas of my life where I felt bound, in some way, unable to breakthrough, and I told myself that it was because my mother never broke through. I was bound as long as she was bound in those areas. These stories we tell ourselves are powerful, and they work against us. These stories hold us back from claiming our true self, and becoming who we are meant to become, fully.

There is a saying that it tends to get darkest just before the dawn. When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I watched some natural birthing videos to get me ready for the big day. What came up often, is that women were ready to give up just before, even minutes before, the baby is born. That overwhelming feeling of not being able to do it succumb them just before the birth of their baby. The labour for my second daughter was less than 2 hours. I didn't really even clue in I was in labour until about an hour before her birth, and then it got intense rather quickly. Within 30 minutes of realizing I was in labour I told my husband I couldn't do it, that it was too intense. He partially could not believe me because he said "but it just started!". My daughter was born 20 minutes later. If you compare that to my first labour of 18 hours, it doesn't seem like a big deal, but it was intense, the same amount of work packed into much less time. But the point is, that feeling of quitting, not being able to carry through, happened right before the reward. And no matter what your circumstance, before reaching a goal, there will be an obstacle that appears insurmountable. When it feels like the pressure is too intense, or you cannot overcome an obstacle, remember that it might just be because you are very close to your goal. So keep on going!

Sometimes we need help along the way. When we are too close to a situation we tend to have blind spots. Whether it be to move 3 feet in a different direction, or to overcome limiting beliefs or stories we tell ourselves. If you are feeling stuck, or need some guidance, please get in touch with me! It would be my pleasure to help you along your personal journey.

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