Freedom to Live the Life of your Dreams
Viktor Frankl, who was a holocaust survivor, once said that “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.

Freedom and creativity is about setting your own course in life. It is about choosing, from your own mind, and heart, what you want to do and accomplish in your life, regardless of whether or not others think it is possible. This world demands a certain degree of conformity, and new ideas are often laughed at, or ridiculed, but you always have a choice to stand apart, even if it means not being accepted by others along the way. When you buy into the thoughts of the masses, it all too often strips you of your personal freedom.

The story of the blue sky bird beautifully illustrates this concept. One day, some quails were feeding at the edge of a clearing. A man sneaked up behind them and captured four of the birds with his net. He then put them in a cage where they were trapped, scared, and still hungry. The man fed the birds every day. Three of them eagerly ate all that given, but the fourth bird just looked at the blue sky through the cage. The other birds thought it was stupid for not taking the food freely given him, but he didn’t care, he just kept staring at the blue sky, a reminder to him of his freedom. Each day was like this– three birds eating and the other just looking at the sky.

One day, the man decided that the birds were ready for market. But as he picked up the cage, he noticed that one of the birds was still quite skinny. He decided to opened the door of the cage to inspect the skinny bird. Without a moment’s hesitation, the Blue Sky Bird, having waited for this very moment all this time, sprung into action and flew out of the cage to a branch in a tree well out of the man’s reach.

The three caged birds were stunned, and asked him “How can we do this too?” The Blue Sky Bird answered them, “Instead of eating the man’s food, and becoming accustomed to captivity, I kept my sight on being free, and now I am free indeed.” And off the quail went into the expanse of the blue sky.

Brendon Burchard has brilliantly said “The motivation of human kind is for freedom. We all want the same thing. More emotional, financial, time, spiritual freedom, spontaneous, mindful, to speak our voice, to feel the spiritual awareness, in relationships to open up our heart and be vulnerable. Ultimately, it is freedom we are after.

Freedom means living life on your terms. Being fully who you are, at every moment, of every day, not sacrificing your today for the safety of tomorrow.

In 2006 we quit out comfortable jobs and decided to live out my husband’s dream of cycling through Europe. We were told we were crazy, that we would never be employable again. And some people wished they could do what we were doing. We told every single person that they could, we didn’t win the lottery, we simply made a decision to follow a dream. We gained a tremendous life changing experience of visiting 7 countries in 3 months, and living on the bare necessities that we could carry in a few backpacks. Following this dream then led us to one opportunity after the next, and most importantly the deeply ingrained realization that we didn’t need the comfort and safety of a job, we could instead choose freedom. We just needed to make decisions every single day towards what matters to us most. Now I want to help other people do the same in their lives. To help create an understanding that money should never have control over you, or your decisions.

For a long time I had a nagging voice inside of me telling me to donate $25k to a water project in the Philippines. I simply did not have that kind of money in the bank. Yet, every now and again, the voice persisted “why aren’t you donating the money for a water project?” I would look at my bank account and it always indicated a lack of funds. At some point I said “if you provide the funds, I will donate them”, but no funds came. Then one day, as I heard the voice again I said “I don’t have the money, what am I supposed to do? Charge it to my credit card?” And the voice responded “yes”. Oh boy, I was in trouble. That was something that I could do! And in my heart I knew it was the right thing to do, so what if I have a debt to pay, when it means 10,000 people will finally have drinking water in their own community and girls could go to school because they wouldn’t have to walk miles every single day to get water for their family. So I did, I charged my credit card. By the end of the month, somehow, I had the funds to pay my credit card. I had no debt, as I had previously feared. My life did not change even to a small degree as a result of this donation, yet the change that it triggered for 10,000 people was huge. It brought me to tears to think of it, and it still does as I retell this story. That experience was, at that time, the greatest experience of my life. There was just so much packed tightly in that one experience, and the feeling of it was truly overwhelming. There is an abundance we do not understand, when we will simply leap out in faith.

I understood in that moment that living a life that is more than just about my self is the most rewarding life of all. There is so much growth and understanding that happens when it is no longer about me, but about serving others. The very purpose of our existence is being able to say that because I lived someone else’s life will be significantly better. This is seen in generations of parents that sacrifice everything to give their children a better life. And it can happen globally, as a nation, once we are mature enough to take the focus off of our own self. A live that is truly free.

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