Use Your Gift
“Education is not to gather knowledge, but to take action”. It has taken me 15 years from the time I heard that phrase, to fully understand it and begin putting it into practice. That message is all around us. There is also an old Chinese Philosophy which you might be more familiar with, which states “When you have been given a great value, you are obligated to return the favor many times over”.

What is it that drives you? What is the unique gift that you have to share with the world? What are you doing today to get started sharing that gift?

You must begin by having a clear idea in your mind, then quickly breaking it down on paper into smaller achievable tasks. This is your road map. Always start with what you can do today, and every day, to achieve that goal. The larger the goal, the more essential the road map becomes. It is perfectly normal to be overwhelmed when faced with the magnitude of a task, but by having it broken down into manageable fragments, it will keep you focused on the task at hand for today. There is always something that you can do today, and every day, to bring you closer to your goal. The key is to break it down into small enough fragments that it will be manageable, and that you can commit, to do every day.

Being in constant search of additional knowledge before starting on your goal is essentially the same as hogging information, or knowledge. It is like still asking to be fed, rather than picking up the spoon, and feeding yourself, or better yet, beginning to teach others to use a spoon.

Time is the most precious commodity of all. You ought to value the time of those that have taught you enough to in turn teach others what you have learned.

You should be committed to sharing your gift with someone every single day because the world is waiting for the gift only you have. Even if there are already tons of people already spreading the same message that you have in your heart to share, there are also people who will not be moved by any of the other speakers, because they are waiting to hear it straight from you.
By sharing your gift, you are making a wise investment of your precious time, which will return to you many folds.

Everyone has a gift in them to share with the world. If you only had one message, one thing that could affect or help other people? Even if only to help your own children? What would it be? What is your gift?

If you are feeling stuck, or need help to reveal your true gift, please contact me. It would be my honor to help you, to the best of my abilities, on your journey.

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