Breaking a Pattern
It is important to make the distinction between changing ourselves, and changing a pattern. It is difficult to change yourself, but easy to change a pattern. All you need is to be aware of the pattern.

Breaking a pattern requires:
1. Awareness
2. Raising the standard; being aware that the pattern is not you, not what you stand for, and/or not good, not healthy, etc.
3. Drawing a line in the sand; ie. "This ends here now!"

It is also important to know that all lasting change happens in an altered state. Changing your state (ie. anger to laughter) makes it easier to change your situation.

This is a key in understanding why some people who are given everything may go in and out of rehab all day long, whereas others who deal with so much trauma and challenge end up so driven and masterful. It is all about our state of mind. The decision we make in our own minds to be happy internally, in spite of the external factors.

You always treat yourself and others the right way in the beautiful state.
Beautiful states of being include:
- awe
- happiness
- love
- passion
- courageous moment

The mind, unmanaged, is in a suffering state.
Suffering states of being include:
- frustration
- anger
- overwhelm
- stress
- worry
- loneliness
- depression

Problems need energy to live. When you do not give your problems energy, they become easy to solve.

We cannot learn love, acceptance, or patience without other people. We can only learn these skills with people that test our love, acceptance and patience. Being around other people is what allows us to become whole. Often, it's not others that need to learn your skills, but you that needs to learn their skill.

Annoyances call you to be true to yourself. You need to reclaim parts of yourself that you find annoying in others, or which you admire about others. Those are your own qualities, but you may not know it because you have disassociated yourself with them.

Expectations puts you, and those you love, in a box. Trade expectations for appreciation. What is there to appreciate? In every situation there is something to complain about, and something to appreciate. Choose appreciation. It will help you find your joy.

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