Shampoo Bars
New to Natural Shampoo Bars? Here are a few things to know:
Natural and commercial shampoos are quite different. Natural shampoo and soap bars do not contain the preservatives, chemicals or the sulfates that cleanse by stripping everything – not just the daily dirt buildup but also the good natural oils on your hair - as well as leave chemicals behind that coat your hair and scalp to make you think you hair is healthy. Natural shampoos generally leave hair cleaner (no residue), more moisturized and with much more texture (not a fake conditioned sleek feel).

Most people will find that their hair will need to adapt to the shampoo bars over time. Give them a few months to work; giving up after 2 or 3 days will not provide you and your hair all the benefits of using natural shampoo. Your hair may be acting ‘differently’, but it takes a while to get accustomed to a natural shampoo when switching away from commercial shampoos. It is part of a 'detoxifying' process as the synthetics that have built up on your hair are slowly removed. To help your hair through this detox process, you may find that doing a daily or every-other-day herbal tea rinse will help to remove excess buildup, or using a bar that contains more conditioning oils, to prevent the dry feeling of thoroughly and naturally clean hair.

We have hard water, and our all natural shampoo bars lather pretty nicely with a few rubs through my hair. It rinses out squeaky clean too, with what seems less water than commercial shampoo did. But the harder the water, the more soap it may take to get a good lather. The minerals in hard water react with soap, causing excess residue and tangling of the hair. If you have hard water, you may want to try using an herbal tea or vinegar rinse more frequently or using a water softener in your home which would save you money in water usage, and soap usage too!

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