How many baby carriers do you need or own?
I tried a few (bjorn carrier, sleepy wrap, peapod sling), but stuck to the BambooMama baby wrap for it's stretchy comfort for both me and baby through all growing stages.

I didn't like the wrap at first, it does require some getting used to the wrapping technique, but after a few weeks it became so second nature I just love it and honestly could not do without it, particularly the first 6 weeks after birth when baby is already getting used to so much that with a wrap, mommy separation need not be one of those things. And though I have tried others again with my second child, thinking a stretchy sling would be better that time around for ease of use, I quickly reverted back to the stretchy BambooMama baby wrap, finding new ways to carry, and wear the wrap (with or without baby) all day. A wrap becomes even more essential with multiple children.

Baby wearing makes life so much easier ... honestly, everyone should have one and use it as much as possible!
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December 10, 2011 at 2:26 pm

I have started to compile a list of baby wraps, slings and carriers (below) to help moms find their perfect baby carrier. Please email me any that are missing from this list! For those who have started using one, I would love to hear your reviews on any you have used; loved or not loved so much, as well as reason(s) why! How many baby carriers did you find you needed to have, or was there a perfect one? Are there other baby carriers you hope to get, and if so, what are they? Follow me on Twitter @MomsHomemade, or send me a comment at info(at)momshomemade(dot)ca or post one here!

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