About Awakken
Awakken is the vision of a cleaner future, through organic and natural products, using less packaging, less plastic, less bottled water. Awakken promotes buying and shopping locally, supporting farmers, using green eco friendly products, as well as supporting all people who choose to work at home to be with, and take care of, their family.

The hand made touch means each item is uniquely different.

Buy Canadian!

Do you know that bottled shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, liquid soap, and the like are upwards of 90% water!
Water comes right to your tap! You shouldn't bottle it, in any form.

Sell your items online!
We offer full website services at very reasonable rates. If you want to be able to sell on your own personal store front website, services start as low as $4.95/mth, created and designed by a mom!

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